Wedding Vendor Spotlight: House of Catherine



Having seen her work at The Big Fake Philadelphia, a bridal show alternative complete with an emotional vow renewal ceremony, light bites and a dance-party reception, where the talented vendors created a wedding out of Edwardian England (think Downtown Abbey) we had to reach out to the talented wedding invitation designer House of Catherine. Based out of South Jersey, House of Catherine offers a full-range of wedding stationery. 

Tell us about House of Catherine: 

Fast forward through tons of art classes, Art College and other education, I had just gotten engaged over Christmas in 2012 and started my wedding planning. When I realized I disliked everything about the mass produced invitation websites, I decided to create my own. That was my calling and purpose, I truly believe it. From there, it was all word of mouth and truly took off. I have been creating stationery for weddings, birthdays, announcements, and anything else. I rebranded my company about a year ago and it has been an amazing roller coaster ever since.

What services do you provide?

We provide all stationery needs, truly. I have created for countless weddings, baptisms, birthdays, Bar Mitzvah’s, parties, and corporate needs. Wedding invitations, logos, day-of wedding paper (menus, programs, table numbers, and wedding signage) I receive the most requests and can get more creative. Weddings I love designing and do the most for!

Where do you and couples draw inspiration from?

The first thing I ask my couples when I meet them is to tell me their story. It allows me to get to know them and lets me see them interact with each other telling a story. I ask them what they like and what do they do for a living. All of these things can tell a lot about a person’s style, besides them just telling me about their wedding colors. I also ask them for their wedding song, it’s a fun thing that i like to do. I incorporate that some how in to all of my couples’ wedding invitations, they absolutely love it.




How do you develop a relationship with your couples?

I always end up getting close with my couples, especially the brides. It’s such an involved process from start to finish, it’s almost inevitable. I’ve even ended up getting invited to a few weddings! I try to give my experience and my advice from what I have gone through in the design process, and also just by working with so many brides. I’ve been married for almost 5 years, so I’m able to give them some marriage humor too!

How does the process work? How far in advance should couples start designing?

The time frame is what works for you personally and how much detail you would like. I start with consultation, my couples give me their dates, and the design process starts from there. I keep the couple extremely involved in the process. If you are starting your invitation process 5 months before your wedding date, then Save the Dates probably wouldn’t be necessary. The Save the Date design process should start 10-12 months prior to date and go out between 6-12months before your wedding date, all depending on what type of wedding you are having. All wedding invitation designing should start 5-6 months prior to your wedding date and they should go out 6-8 weeks prior to wedding date, sometimes more depending on the type of wedding as well.

Why go with custom wedding invitations? What sets you apart?

I feel custom invitations sets a standard for yourself and your event. Everyone feels special with anything custom made! This is your creation and no one else will have it. Minted is a wonderful company and I admire so many of their designs and marketing strategies. However, to have a truly unique design and piece of art to show everyone, you always have to go custom. Your vision is limitless and anything is possible when you start from scratch. For House of Catherine, I really love to incorporate unconventional items into invitations (such as buttons, clips, torn fabric), meaningful items that make people think (quotes, music lyrics), and have a unique appearance. I want people to talk about my couples invitations for months, even years.




I created this company for the everyday woman, just like myself. I wanted to truly create a wedding invitation and not spend a fortune. However, we can also create some pretty costly items, so there is no minimum or max! My couples’ budgets range very largely and I love designing for everyone! Everyone can find my pricing guide on our website, and anyone can have a consultation with me. What I have been seeing lately are invitation suites (save the dates, invites and thank you cards) ranging from $10-$15 a suite, and that’s actually very doable for a lot of brides. That type of pricing especially works with our timeline we give and payment breakdown. You can get something absolutely luxurious and break the payment up over a couple of months.

Favorite wedding invitation trend?

I love SO many different styles and trends, it’s so hard for me to commit to just one. I think that’s why I work well with so many different types of couples! Right now, I am really loving the industrial-chic. It’s very minimal and lots of negative space, incredibly unique and you can do so many personal details with them. I am also loving handmade paper looks, very Edwardian and Victorian. Adding wax seals and vintage handwriting (calligraphy) to the paper adds a certain level of luxury. Again, I love so many things, but those are my favorite right now!

Non stationery advice for brides?

Enjoy your wedding process and go with your gut. Don’t let anyone make you second guess your decorative choices! Most importantly, have fun with your future spouse! This is such a special time and it goes so fast, I wish I could relive our wedding day a thousand times over.


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Inviting Tuesday: Modern Gold Geometric Wedding Invite


Image via Zazzle


Gold is huge for weddings right now-and we’re always looking for different ways to use gold. These elegant glam wedding invitations by Zazzle are a modern way of using gold.  With a a dark black background and a faux gold modern geometric design, the invites are perfect for a chic city wedding.


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Inviting Tuesday: A Beachy Summery Watercolor Wedding Invitation by TheCulturedCoop


Image via Instagram TheCulturedCoop

This custom watercolor wedding invite suite by local Etsy seller The Cultured Coop (she’s from Cape May Courthouse, New Jersey) is the definition of summer. With seashells and sea horses adorning the invitation and gorgeous shades of blue throughout the stationery, this just evokes images of a beachside ceremony with the smell of saltwater in the air.


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